Paul Matson

I'm a designer interested in making information easier to understand.
I work for Ovo Energy, helping change the energy market for good. Previously, I worked for the Environment Agency creating GOV.UK digital services and IOP Publishing, mostly on websites about physics.
In 2010 I completed an MA in Information Design at the University of Reading.

My book 'SowHow: A modern guide to grow-your-own veg' was published by Pavilion in April 2017.

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IOPscience platform

IOPscience UI redesign
Example article: Germanene: a novel two-dimensional germanium allotrope akin to graphene and silicene

AAS journals

AAS Journals hub

AAS Nova

AAS Nova. WINNER: Best Health/Education News Site, Online Media Awards 2016

Guidelines and policies

IOP Publishing guidelines & policies
Guidelines for authors and referees

Physics World app

Physics World digital edition
UI design for Physics World app – widely recognised as the world’s leading physics magazine

Introductory guide for authors

Introductory guide for authors
HTML version of printed guide

2D materials

Explaining new 2D materials and compounds

Noble Physics subjects

What type of physics should you do if you want to bag a Nobel prize?

Nobel physics laureate migration map Nobel physics laureate migration flow

Visualising the migration of physics Nobel laureates

What kind of scientist are you?